Wag the Dog – – Guest Post by Mojo

Mojo has some things he'd like to say

Why does the dog wag its tail? Because the dog is smarter than the tail. If the tail were smarter, it would wag the dog.

So some of the dogs around here are wondering why I wanted to start blogging.  For one thing, sometimes my person is gone for hours and I figured it would help me keep my mind off of wondering when she’ll be back, if she’ll be back, will we get my walk in today, when are we gonna eat, is she ever coming back, when’s dinner, how long ‘till she gets – oh, sorry.  I got distracted.  I just worry when she’s gone.

I got the idea after she left one day.  Curiosity didn’t kill the cat, but it has clued this dog in on some things.  For example, my person used to spend a lot of time, usually late at night, staring at that box in the living room.  Every time she turned it on different voices came from it. And I’d hear dogs – other dogs! – and sometimes even a cat mewling away. I never saw any of them, but then, I didn’t stare at the box like my person did.  There was rarely anything worthwhile coming from it.  One day she turned it off and that was it.  It hasn’t come back on since. Later she was talking into this thing she holds up to her ear that’s about the size of a small bone and said she had it shut off and wasn’t going to turn it on again.

Let me tell you, I was thrilled.  There would be so much more time for us to play!  But she only traded that box for a flat, thin one that sits on the table and folds open and closed.  This one gets all of her attention.  She’s got her hands on and off it all the time, when she could be petting me.  My disappointment and jealousy were so great I was driven to despair.  I had to know why she paid more attention to it than to me.  So I waited, biding my time until the next time she left with a bunch stuff she calls “work” in her hands: that’s when I know she’ll be gone for hours.  Whatever that work stuff is, it keeps her busy.

I waited until I heard the garage door close and I could barely stand it and when I couldn’t hear the car anymore I ran over to check out the box on the table.

I’ve been here for hours now.

There’s a picture of a fox wrapped around a blue circle.  A fox!  In my house!  So I grabbed what my person thinks is a mouse (sometimes people don’t have a clue) and moved it over to the fox because we’re all animals and we could work together and Oh my Dog!  You wouldn’t believe the things I’ve found.   Other dogs, other people, all kinds of other animals.  And the people talk on these blogs, often talking about the dogs who love them, and I realized something:  some dogs have been able to teach their people.  Still, more often than not our actions are misunderstood or simply dismissed as “just what dogs do.”

“Speak!” You tell us.

Well, okay.

People, listen up.  We don’t just eat and play.  We’re here for a reason.   And we know a lot more than you may realize.  Yup. And as some of you know, us dogs, we’re very in tune with our people. There’s a whole lot you can learn from d–

Oh! Yup! It’s the garage door, she’s back, she came back, oh finally she’s home she’s –

Oh my Dog! I need to turn off this box and get to the door! I’ll leave you to chew on that for a while since I don’t know when I’ll be able to sneak in a post again.

Love and sloppy dog kisses,  jjjjj



About lauracgardner

Laura lives in an undisclosed location with her adopted dog.

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  1. Linda G. White

    This is so cute – and funny! Bill and I have been laughing all afternoon. Kudos to Mojo!

  2. oh my dog…love it. continue…

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