Shower the Canine – Guest post by Mojo

Mojo here, giving a big, wide wag at the world, sneaking in a post while my person is finishing up her next post. She wanted to get her post up before I did another, but she’s still “revising” or something. We could be playing, but she’s still busy agonizing over every single word.

Shower the Canine

Shower the Canine

There’s something I’ve been wondering about for the longest time and it’s really bugging me (yup, we say that too – just because we’re dogs doesn’t mean we like bugs.), so I decided to post about it and hope some of you will share your thoughts in the comments below. It’s this thing some people say to my person, or to my friends’ people, when they see our people hugging and petting and kissing us. They talk about spoiling us. Then I tilt my head to the side ‘cause I don’t get it and one of them will see me and tell the others “Quick, look! Aaww, he’s so cute when he does that,” and I lose my concentration for a second while I’m basking in all the attention. What exactly does that mean, spoil us? That word makes it sound like it’s something our people are doing wrong – but I don’t see anything bad about my person showing me and telling me she loves me all the time. In fact, I love it. Live for it, even.  Do these other people live with dogs too? If they do, how do they treat them? Do they take any time playing with them, taking a walk together, or just paying attention to them?

I’ve heard one or two of my person’s people say once that she shouldn’t stop and pet me every time I come to her for affection. They said I’d expect it all the time. (I once heard people at the dog park talking about this, but those two people called it a “dating game.”) Okay, first of all, maybe I went to her because I sensed she needed some affection. Uh-huh. It’s a two-way street, you know. And I’ll tell you something right now: when she needs love, I give it to her. No questions asked. We take care of each other. It’s not just her taking care of me. And secondly, what does that imply – that there are times when she shouldn’t show me she loves me? What possible reason could there be for us to not be affectionate with each other? I mean, if you don’t want to love the dog, why bring him home with you in the first place?

You shouldn’t try to discourage these people from loving us the way they do. In fact, I’d go so far as to say people who love each other should show each other the way they show us. My person was doting on me one day and there was music coming from that box and there were voices too, a man – something about showering the people you love with love. I don’t know what the deal with the

Let me outta here!

shower was about. All I know is she was kind of moving with the music and singing right along with the guy about showering people and when she sang those words, about the showering and all, she hugged me and squeezed me and smiled at me like she does when she says “Love you Mojo” and I just gaze into her eyes. If I could speak like people I would tell her over and over, just like she tells me, “Love you Mojie.” Oh, I mean I’d say “Laura,” duh. ‘Cause that’s her name. But I can’t so I let her know the way all of us in the canine crowd communicate, and I just fix my eyes on hers, give her the serious lean, wag my tail and sometimes lick her hand. She always smiles when I wag my tail. I don’t know what the big deal is sometimes, but it’s nice. It makes her smile. I like it when she smiles. Makes me want to wag my tail.

So I love her so much and so I show her as much as I can and I know that she loves me because she tells me all the time, but mostly because she shows me. I’m always so happy when she’s happy and I wag my tail because I’m happy and that makes her happy and Oh my Dog! I’m so happy to be here with her, so grateful for her and for the food and for the treats – oh yeeess! the treats! and for the bed and just so grateful. The way she treats me I can tell she appreciates me too. But it makes me wonder why people aren’t like this with each other more often. I mean, I know when they love each other. But I’m a dog, for cryin’ out loud. I can smell everything on you people. Oh yeah. ‘Cause you have different scents depending on how you feel, and I can smell and sense when that changes. But I don’t even need to smell it on you. Nope. I can see it and feel it and sense it and smell it and – oh wait, sorry. I dogress.

Mojo and Anna

Anyway, me and the girls down the street (a lab and a retriever = fun!), and the other one that lives on the other side, and the mutt who lives sort of behind us – we’re always so happy to see each other. It’s another day! We’re all here! Together! We can play and sniff and check everything out together and play some more! We’re so happy to be able to see each other again and do all this stuff – of course we’re going to show each other. Yup. Every single time. Why not? We just don’t understand why people only do it sometimes. Or why they tell our people not to.  It doesn’t make sense to us. Unless they’re just jealous.

One thing you can be sure of: if one of us loves you, we’re going to shower you with kisses and show you we love you every time we see you. We want to make sure you never forget, not for one second, how much we love you and appreciate you. (And the treats too!)

Love and sloppy kisses, jjjjjj



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Laura lives in an undisclosed location with her adopted dog.

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  1. Shower Time HOW CU-TE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks, Serena!

    Now it’s my turn to put a little something back on all the people who say this to us all the time: Speak!

    I’m anxious to see some reader comments – it’s the only way to compensate for not being close enough to pet me or play with me or even give me treats. But wait – oh my Dog, that’s it! Comments are like virtual treats!

    jjjjj –

  3. If I had a tail, I’d be wagging it after reading Mojo’s post…pet love is so unconditional and generous, and I couldn’t imagine life without a furry friend to share it! Nice to get their perspective on our relationship 😉

  4. Thanks Marianne, glad you liked it. I’ll be sharing more of my thoughts soon, so be sure to check back!


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