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Te Bow, or Not Te Bow? That is the Question. 15 Reasons to Admire Tim Tebow

If someone accused you of being a Christian, would there be any evidence to prove it?

 While Tim Tebow has dazzled fans with his performance on the field, he has been made a daily piece of our Breaking News! – as much for his faith as for his increasing status as a sports phenom. He’s almost as hotly debated as politics or religion – oh, but wait, this is a religious thing.  Or is it?  If only this line were as clear as the fifty-yard line.

Tim Tebow, Tebowing

Some can’t praise him enough.  There’s a lot of “Tebowing,” done “to honor” (read: emulate) the man.  Others say he’s annoying. But what, pray tell, is so annoying? Is it the man himself, or rather his actions? He’s doing his job very well, non? What then, is the question?

For many it’s about the role of religion in sports. (Could he be an athletic prophet?) Angry posts online complain that he gets religion “in your face” by praying openly.  And the usual media hype, feeding on it like a leach.

Too often the news reports about some player’s recent scandal.  Enter Tebow, a dedicated player, a religious man, confident enough about his faith to pray in public, and that simple fact fuels passionate debate around the nation.   Websites have come alive with angry comments, name-calling, and a lot of all-cap anger (HE’S CRAZY, A RELIGIOUS NUT!).

Tebow has muttered nary a word about the media hype.  He simply doesn’t go there.  That’s not what this is about.  People can mock or antagonize him if they choose, but he’s not biting that bait.  He just carries on, doing his job, giving his best.  Those who base their opinion of him on this one aspect miss everything else about him – which is so much more than football and public prayer – and don’t recognize Tebow as the gentleman that he is.

Here, fifteen sides of the man that demonstrate that.

1 – Trend-setter Tebow.  Being homeschooled he had to fight for the right to play on his local school team; since then two other states, Alabama and Kentucky, have proposed legislation (“The Tebow Bill”) to do the same.

2 – Philanthropic Tebow – Tim Tebow Foundation.  Enough said.

3 – Tebowian conviction – Tebow refuses to be involved in anything that goes against his beliefs.  Sorry, Playboy.

4 – Respectful Tebow. He’s done nothing overtly offensive or illegal (you know, like drug trafficking, dog fighting, assaulting girls, or other fare in sports news).

5 – Authentic Tebow – Regardless of the hell he gets, he stays true to his beliefs.  This is not a man who hides his faith, embarrassed about who he is.  Want to laugh?  Go right ahead.  Maybe he’ll pray for you.

6 – Positive Tebow.  The man simply doesn’t do negativity. Try to provoke him – he still won’t engage.

7 – Well-rounded Tebow.  There’s much more to him than his football stats. Faith.  Family. Football.  Philanthropy.  You don’t like one little thing he does – Fuhget about it.

8 – Classy Tebow.  When asked that intrusive – and pointless – question in an interview he did not answer with a sarcastic or defensive comeback (like many a publicly-outed virgin undoubtedly have).  He answered, without further indulgence. Then, laughing, noted he’d prepared for the question, but they, evidently, had not.

9 – Economy-boosting Tebow:  Hello? Jersey and T-shirt sales?  A life-size sticker of Tebow doing his thing earned $50,000 and became Fathead’s best-selling product…in two days. His memoir, Through My Eyes, was released on May 31st, the next day reached #22 on Amazon’s Best-Seller list.  Do you have your copy?

10 – Helpful Tebow – Saturday Night Live’s ratings will undoubtedly enjoy a spike after last week’s skit. (Maybe he could help the show out a little more often?)

11 – Influential Tebow.  He’s in a position to do good and does, using his popularity as a platform to draw attention to his favorite causes.

12 – Humble Tebow.  He isn’t arrogant, or cocky about his skill or the rapid rise from his knees to fame.  He couldn’t have gotten to his current position without help from others – and, of course, from above – and openly expresses his gratitude.

13 – Compassionate Tebow.  Cure HospitalPink cleats. Prison sermons. Prison Fellowship. Hospital playrooms. Disney trips. Respecting authority. Filipino orphanage. Granting wishes.

14 – Rooted Tebow.  He remembers where he came from, and goes back, takes his philanthropy there.  Tebow started an orphanage in the Philippines, and now is partnering with CURE International to build a children’s hospital there.

15 – Sober, law-abiding Tebow.  You don’t hear about him blowing all that money on booze, dope, women and wild parties, do you?

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